CommandWear was recognized today at the Western Innovation Forum (WIF) for its innovation. WIF 2015 is an industry-oriented conference aimed at connecting Western Canada’s aerospace, marine, defence and security industries to innovation-driven investment, partnership and business opportunities. Major multi-nationals from around the world are in attendance.

CommandWear Systems Inc, and NGrain were selected from the companies awarded a BCIP contract to highlight their innoPerson Of Interestvation.

Diane Finley,  Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Michelle Rempel,  Minister of State responsible for Western Economic Diversification and Nicole Verkindt, CEO of OMX, acted as the three “Dragons” while CommandWear made their pitch.

CommandWear made it’s pitch, starting with a short video. Then they did a live demo for the dragons. Three CommandWear employees were in Jack Poole Plaza in a Canada Day scenario where they were looking for a Person Of Interest.

The Minister warned them via secure messaging to “Watch for POI”, to keep an eye out for a Person Of Interest, whose picture had been sent to Command.

Once the person was spotted, the Minister gave the command to “Converge and Detain”. While Mike Morrow was answering questions from the dragons, the audience could see the chase was on, and watched the three security officers follow and then take down the suspect.

Photo 2015-04-16, 7 23 35 PM