The Georgia Straight did an article on local Vancouver companies developing wearable technology, and CommandWear was one of the one’s featured.

Here is the section on CommandWear. You can read the whole article here.

Shawn Griffin, product manager for Vancouver’s CommandWear Systems, envisions every police officer and first responder wearing a smart watch or smart glasses in the future. A major Canadian police force is running a pilot project with CommandWear Training Suite, which allows headquarters to exchange secure text messages with officers and track their locations.

Griffin told the Straight the cloud-based platform is intended for use during emergencies and large events, not everyday patrolling. He asserted officers will notice an alert on a watch or glasses quicker than on a phone, which might be in a pocket outside of a bulletproof vest.

“Especially initially, it’ll be a way to back up the radio system that’s out there, which is what everybody is used to,” Griffin said in a Gastown office. “Down the road, as people become more and more confident in the technology and they see its use and it’s proven, then it’ll start to supplant radio and we’ll go more to text messaging.”