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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that may help you resolve common issues.

Q: My responder (or Commander) map icon is not displayed in the correct location?
A: There are several possible causes for this issue:

  • the ‘GPS Tracking’ setting on the Communicator app (smartphone) has been turned off.
  • the smartphone Location Services settings for the Communicator app have been disabled.
  • WiFi is disabled on the smartphone. WiFi is used to improve accuracy of a responder’s location.
  • the WiFi Assist setting has been disabled.
  • there is poor GPS (satellite) reception in the area.
  • the GPS Accuracy threshold set by your CommandWear system Administrator is too high (this setting is found in the Admin tools using the Commander web app – under Organization settings).

Note: if you are logging in to the Commander web app using a browser, and there is no GPS on your computer (e.g. desktop PC), the Commander app will estimate your location based on the IP address of your network.  This may display a Commander map symbol at the wrong location (placed at the registered address for that IP).

Q: When launching the Communicator app on my smartphone, I see a message  “Configuring Communication” but the app won’t load.
A: This message is typically caused when the Communicator app can not connect with the CommandWear server.  Ensure there is a good WiFi or cellular signal when launching the app.

Note: When Communicator is launched, it needs to connect to the CommandWear server to check configuration settings and permissions have changed since last launch.  If there is a problem with the network (e.g. poor or no signal), or a problem with the CommandWear server, the Communicator app will not launch.

Q: I can’t login to Communicator.
A: There are several possible causes for this issue:

  • passwords are case sensitive so can be tricky to type in correctly.
  • you are trying to login to the Communicator (smartphone) app with a Commander (web) app userid.  Check with your Administrator to ensure you have a userid with the user type of ‘Responder’.
  • your userid was archived (disabled) by your Administrator.

Note: it is quick and easy for your Admin to reset your password (by re-entering a new password for your existing userid in the ‘Admin – Users’ settings.