SONIM XP7 Communicator Help

Thanks for using the CommandWear Sonim XP7. The phone is preloaded with CommandWear’s Communicator App.

CommandWear’s Communicator app tracks your location and allows you to send and receive messages from Commanders. It also allows you to get help and upload pictures and videos.


Once you are on the main screen (shown) you will see the following icons on the bottom bar.

  1. Phone – Your phone is capable of making and receiving calls.
  2. Pebble – This is for your Pebble app. See below about using the Pebble SmartWatch.
  3. Apps – This gets you to the standard android apps that are loaded on the phone.
  4. CommandWear Communicator – This launches the Communicator app.

Press the Communicator App to launch it.

Please do not change any of the settings on the phone unless specifically asked to.

Screenshot 2015-05-15 10.37.45

COMMUNICATOR: Home Screen/Messages

Once a user has logged in to Communicator they will see a very simple screen. The default on the screen is the most recent message and response. If you haven’t received a message recently, the screen will be blank.

The menu is accessible in the top left corner (see below).

The top line will say “Tracking” or “Not Tracking” depending on whether your location is being sent to the Commander or note. The Sonim is set up by default to track.

In the top right corner are two icons. The <-> arrow indicates whether Communicator is connected. If it is red<-> you do not have connectivity. Check your cell coverage, and also check if you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot that needs you to login on a screen.

The small arrowhead indicates whether the GPS has a good signal (green) or not (red).


The Communicator Main Menu provides the full set of features for Communicator.

  • Messages: Here is where you will see your last/current message and can answer it.
  • Send Message: If you want to send a message.
  • Photo/Video: Upload a new or existing photo/video.
  • Need Help: Raises a Need Help Alert on the Commander’s screen.
  • Settings: Turn tracking on/off, login/out and check the version.

COMMUNICATOR: Receiving a Message

When an agent receives a message, the phone will vibrate and generate a tone.

The main screen will contain the message that was sent. The user can scroll the message up and down the main screen.

Below the message is a response button. Responses are configurable by the administrator but there is always a default response. Selecting the default response by clicking on the green bar.

On the right of the response button there is a triangle. The triangle allows the user to select a different response, or enter a custom response.

Once a user has responded to a message, the text that was used to respond will appear in the bottom of the screen without the green bar.


COMMUNICATOR: Send Message      

When you select Send Message, you will see a set of custom messages, the same set you would find on a message response.

You can select one of these or select Custom Response where you will be presented with a text box that you can enter a custom message in.

Once you send the message, the message will be shown at the bottom of the screen, highlighted in blue to distinguish it from a response that you might have sent.

COMMUNICATOR: Uploading a Picture/Video

Communicator users can also upload pictures or videos to Command.

From the main menu select the Photo/Video button.

Once there you have the following options.

  • Take photo
  • Take video – There are limits on the size of the video you can upload. Typically it is less than one minute of video.
  • Existing photo
  • Existing video – There are limits on the size of the video you can upload. Typically it is less than one minute of video.

After selecting Take photo or Take video, you will be put into picture mode on your camera. Take a photo or video as you normally would. Once you have taken a photo or video select Save or Discard.

When you select Save, or after you select an existing photo/video, you will be prompted with the option to enter a description of the photo/video.

After pressing upload, you will be returned to the main screen of Communicator. There will be a thin green progress bar that goes across the top of the screen as the picture/video is uploaded. If there is a problem uploading the picture/video, you will be prompted with a message to retry or cancel.




The Need Help button is used to quickly send a message to a Commander that you are in need of assistance. “Need Help” is not a 911 replacement. There is no guarantee the message will be seen and acted upon by the Commander.

Once Need Help is selected, you will have an opportunity to cancel the Need Help for 10 seconds. You can immediately send the message by pressing “Send”, or cancel by selecting “Cancel”.

Once you have sent a Need Help, your screen background will be red, and you will not be able to clear the Need Help yourself. That must be done by a Commander. See the Commander: Need Help section for more information about how this is accomplished.

When the Commander clears the Need Help, you will receive a message and you must answer that message. After that the Need Help will be cleared.


After entering your password, or at any time by pressing the menu icon in the top left of the screen, you can access the Settings screen.

You can start/stop tracking by clicking on the “Stop Tracking”/”Start Tracking” button. An administrator may turn this capability off so that a user cannot turn off tracking.

You can logout by clicking on the Logout button. An administrator might turn this capability off so that a user cannot log off one they login.

Note that while the app is running, the administrator can at any time start or stop tracking on the app.

At the bottom of the screen you can see the Communicator version, as well as the current GPS accuracy.