Leave the Sonim turned off.

Install the SIM

  1. Use the Sonim tool located in the 6 Pack to
    • Unscrew the headphone cover.
    • Unscrew the SIM cover.
  2. Use the Sonim pick to push down on the hole beside the SIM to pop the SIM holder up.
    • Use the pick to lift the SIM holder .
    • Insert the SIM in the SIM holder.
    • Replace the SIM holder.
    • Replace the SIM cover
    • Replace the headphone cover.
  3. Turn the phone on.
  4. Make sure the phone has a valid SIM. Use the Sonim to make a phone call to yourself.

Update SONIM and Install Applications.Connect to a local Wi-Fi.

  1. Connect to local WiFi.
  2. Go to Google Play on the phone.
  3. Sonim will ask if you have a google account.
    • Use phones@commandwear.com, standard password.
  4. We need to update Google Play Services. Switch to a browser (this will take you eventually to google Play).
    • Open the browser, go to www.commandwear.com/play
      • Select the link for the play store.
      • It will take you to the Play Store for Google Play Services.
      • Select update.
  5. Name the phone SXX CommandWear, i.e. S05 CommandWear
  6. Install CommandWear
    • Go to Google Play
    • Search for CommandWear
    • Download the app.
    • Open the app
    • Login as sxx@cw.com, password sxx. For phone 05 it would be s05@cw.com, password s05.
    • You should be logged in. Send a message.
  7. Install Pebble
    • Go to Google Play
    • Search for Pebble
    • Install Pebble
    • It will ask if you are an existing user, say yes.
      • Use phones@commandwear.com, standard password.
    • It should ask if you want to update your apps. Say yes.
    • On your Pebble.
      • Turn on Pebble watch.
      • Go to Settings.
      • Select Bluetooth.
      • If there is a paired phone, select it, press forget.
    • On your phone
      • Open Pebble App
      • Select search for Pebble
      • You should see your Pebble, select it.
      • On your Pebble you should get a request to pair with your phone. Select yes.
      • Pebble should now say logged in. Your call sign should be in the top right.
  8. Finishing off the Installation
    • Go to the main screen on Sonim.
    • Press and hold the contacts and messaging apps and move them off the main toolbar at the bottom.
    • Select the applications button. Find CommandWear.
    • Press and hold CommandWear and move it to the main bar at the bottom of the screen.
    • Repeat for Pebble.

Final Test

  1. Open CommandWear. Login to CWDEMO.
  2. Check that you see your phone.
  3. Send a message to the phone.
  4. Use your pebble to answer the message.
  5. User your pebble to send a message
  6. Use your phone to take a picture.