CommandWear Lone Worker Display Phone WatchCommandWear offers a simple and cost effective solution for businesses that require employees to work alone in any location. CommandWear’s cloud solution works with existing smartphones and networks and can be deployed in minutes.

The use of a smartphone, whether it’s an organization supplied device or the workers own, allows a much higher degree of safety over traditional dial-in services.An optional rugged smartwatch solution is also available for ‘heads-up and hands-free’ operation.

• Know where every worker is in real-time;

• Works with your existing devices;

• Workers can share pictures/videos in real-time;

• Proven reliable and by police and paramedics



  • Add a user by entering their name, email and password;
  • Gets notified when a worker has Checked In;
  • Receives alert and map location if there is a Send Help request from a worker.


  • Logs in on the smartphone app;
  • Receives a message on their smartphone/smartwatch on a pre-designated schedule;
  • Simply acknowledges the message with a press or touch of a button on smartphone or smartwatch;
  • If the worker fails to Check In or selects Need Help button, the employer is alerted. The employer can call or text to verify problem; (coming soon)
  • When the worker is done, they just log out.


CommandWear Lone Worker AttendantThe Attendant application is accessed through a web browser and provides a simple real-time view of where all workers are, their current status and a message log:

  • Need Help alert messages are instant and obvious;
  • Send pre-set text messages and instructions to any or all workers;
  • See workers’ real-time location and status on a digital map using colour-coded icons;
  • See pictures and videos that have been uploaded by workers in the field;
  • Replay a historical record of worker locations, photos/videos and communications for later review, health & safety reporting and training;
  • Adjust the frequency of Check-Ins on the fly or have a standard default. (coming soon)


CommandWear Lone Worker smartphoneAvailable on Android and soon iOS smartphones, the Communicator App provides a simple interface for each worker:

  • Simple one-touch acknowledgement of messages to assure communications;
  • Integrated picture and video sharing;
  • Real-time location-based information to enhance the safety of workers;
  • Control panel to monitor device status (battery life, signal, GPS accuracy, etc);
  • One-click panic button to keep workers safe.


CommandWear Lone Worker Smart WatchThe first Smartwatch app for Lone Workers, the Pebble Communicator provides a quick, discrete way to acknowledge Check Ins or summon help.

  • Hands Free and Heads Up – Tactile feedback of incoming messages improves communications in noisy conditions or when workers are unable to reach their phones;
  • One touch response, and a list of responses to make replying quick and easy;
  • Generate a Need Help message by pressing and holding a button.