Track your teams and communicate more efficiently.

Go operational with minimal effort and cost.


  • CommandWear is a cloud or enterprise based solution that works with customers’ existing equipment and networks for easy, fast, secure and affordable deployment.
  • The HUB securely stores all messages and location information for later review and analysis.
  • The Commander HTML5 web app provides a map-based view of all personnel, a messaging interface and access to Admin tools.
  • The Communicator app runs on a smartphone (Android and iOS) and uses the phones GPS for tracking, camera for photo/video sharing and provides a secure two-way text messaging interface.
  • The Smartwatch App integrates through Bluetooth on the smartphone and provides messaging and alerting functions (standalone Android Wear smartwatches can also be used for GPS tracking).
  • An Application Programming Interface (API) allows data to be shared with fleet management, dispatch or other systems.

Commander: Respond

  • The web-based Commander app can be accessed securely from any existing tablet, desktop or laptop.
  • A simple user interface allows for immediate deployment.  Just download the smartphone app, login and start using it.
  • Personnel status and message information is clearly visible in a pop-out menu.
  • Emergency alerts clearly displayed with audible and visual cues.
  • The situation map is updated in real-time with controls to adjust the update frequency and turn on/off tracking of devices.
  • Pictures and Videos can be shared among Responders and Command, with notes, timestamp and geo-tag (instantly appears map).
  • Groups can be set up to manage monitoring of different teams.
  • Map overlays, such as routes or floor plans, can be added to the map and easily toggled on/off.
  • With permissions, Admin Tools can be accessed to configure the system including adding new users on the fly, enable/disable GPS tracking and adjust frequency of updates, monitor each devices battery life and connectivity, etc.

Commander: Communicate

  • Messages can be sent to one or all team members with delivery confirmation and automatic message retry.
  • Messages can be Acknowledged at the click of a button to assure they are read and understood.
  • A chronological message history log is displayed.
  • Preset commands and voice-to-text controls simplify data entry.
  • Pictures and video are sent with notes to individuals, groups or all tracked personnel.

Communicator: Smartphone

  • The Communicator App runs on a smartphone and provides field personnel with tracking and messaging capabilities.
  • GPS tracking runs even when there is loss of network connectivity (and synchronizes when re-connected).
  • Messages are clearly displayed with a customizable vibrate/sound.
  • Create and send geo-tagged pictures/video from the field with notes.
  • One touch Acknowledgement of messages indicate that they have been received and understood
    (acknowledgements can also be sent via a one-button push on the smartwatch).
  • Preset Message Responses support simple and quick one-touch communication.
  • Message history is available for review and report writing.
  • Android and iOS apps available in the app stores.
Communicator App

Communicator: Wearables

  • CommandWear integrates rugged and proven wearable technology, such as smartwatches.
  • The Communicator App works with a smartwatch, allowing the phone to stay in the pocket.
  • Vibration on the wrist allows instant awareness of incoming messages while keeping hands free.
  • Message history is available on the smart watch.
  • Alerts (Call for Assistance) are sent by holding a button for 2 seconds.
  • The Pebble and Apple Watch are supported with additional Android Wear capable watches supported.

Commander: Review (‘Replay’)

  • CommandWear logs and stores all messages and location data in the database.
  • Any event or time period can be replayed and reviewed for investigations, debriefs and training.
  • Replay controls allow fast-forward, rewind, pause and scrubbing to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • All of the messages are visible through a pop-out menu and highlighted as the timeline clock progresses.
  • Selecting a message from the log instantly takes you to the situation map showing everyone’s location on the map when that message was sent/received.
  • All pictures and videos appear on the map based on date/time and location taken.