From July 16-19, 2015 over 100,000 music enthusiasts flocked to the remote community of Pemberton, BC to experience 4 days of immersion in culture, music and revelry, with an additional 5 million people viewing the event through Snapchat Live.

“We were very impressed with how smoothly and easily our teams learned to use the CommandWear system. We have used consumer tracking and dispatch technology in the past and recognize the value – CommandWear provides a mission critical level of reliability and usability that is industry-leading…”

 Dr. Samuel Gutman, founder of Rockdoc™

“…It helped our medical teams get into position faster and reduced radio communication. We are going to use it again next year and expand it to include security, police, fire and other key festival functions.” 

Dave Fortune, Pemberton Music Festival Organizer


Providing medical services to a temporary city of transient visitors looking to have an epic experience requires significant planning and preparation. With temperatures reaching nearly 40°C/104°F in the Pemberton Valley, the possibility of heat stroke and numerous other serious or life threatening health-related emergencies is very real. The thousands of campers living on the site, moving over 100 acres of unfamiliar territory, and celebrating twenty four hours per day, presents a challenge for the medical and emergency care provider.

RockDoc Dispatchers

Rockdoc Consulting Inc. is a leading provider of medical services and health care consulting for Event Medical Services (EMS), and various industry and government organizations. CommandWear provided Rockdoc™ with a “6 Pack” portable situational awareness solution including 6 smartphones, 6 smartwatches, chargers and licenses to support 6 responders in the field, dispatch and command personnel.

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