CommandWear is one of the thirteen companies selected by the Department of Homeland Security to deploy a smart city IoT technology with first responders. Funding is made available via the SCITI Labs program, a collaboration between DHS S&T, the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), Smart City Works and TechNexus established less than a year ago. The companies were selected after a highly competitive, global competition to find the most innovative, mature and adaptive technologies that could meet the demanding requirements of those protecting and serving communities.

The SmartHub Program

CommandWear is contributing to the SmartHub program that focuses on integration of responder-focused mobile communication and sensor suites.

The program will refine and integrate current capabilities to better meet use case requirements and demonstrate end-to-end connectivity between various sensor suites, building infrastructure and first responders.

The US DHS announcement can be access here.

CommandWear is also collaborating with other private and public organizations, including the National Institute of Technology and Standards (NIST), to integrate critical sensor data into its Internet of Life Saving Things platform.  “Keeping frontline responders and field workers connected, protected and situationally aware at all times is the goal”, states Mike Morrow, CommandWear CEO. “Sensors, both on and off body, can be used to immediately alert people when they are in dangerous areas or situations, automate activation of cameras and other protective equipment around that threat and share this information with multiple stakeholders to ensure risks are mitigated and appropriate actions are taken much faster than ever before”.

 About CommandWear Systems Inc.

The CommandWearTM software platform securely integrates data from sensors in wearable (smartwatches) and mobile devices to give teams unprecedented, real-time situational awareness and communications to the last tactical mile.  The CommandWear system provides real-time monitoring personnel locations and mission progress, secure bi-directional text-based messaging, picture/video sharing and streaming, heart rate monitoring and alerting plus a historical replay of events. The system has been proven effective in executing a faster and more accurate response while increasing officer safety.

CommandWear has successfully deployed this system with police, fire, emergency medical and security organization across North America since 2014 and has begun expansion into international markets.

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