CommandWear Systems Inc. Announces

The Responder Watch App


A new wearable safety solution to enhance first responders’ safety.

Responder Watch App
Vancouver, B.C., September 11, 2017: Today CommandWear Systems Inc. announced immediate availability of the Responder Watch App that gives first responders, security personnel, field workers and their supervisors a heart rate monitoring and alerting capability to enhance personnel safety and, ultimately, save lives. When a field worker is in distress, over-exerted or having a cardiac arrest, an alert is immediately issued to their supervisor(s) when the worker’s pre-set heart rate threshold is breached.

“The goal is to help save lives through a secure and integrated vital monitoring, location tracking and alerting system,” said Mike Morrow, CEO, at CommandWear Systems Inc.  “CommandWear’s Responder Watch app runs on commercial smartwatches with a heart rate sensor and has an algorithm that minimizes false positive alerts.  Receiving an audible and visual alert with the precise location of a person in distress can save precious seconds in getting them help,” states Morrow. This, among other features, keeps our bravest heroes safe in a variety of conditions.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

Public safety agencies across North America and abroad have already benefited from deploying CommandWear’s situational awareness software suite since its launch in early 2015; including mobile teams such as the British Columbia Ambulance Bike Team, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Emergency Response Teams, and corporate security teams, among others.

“I see enormous opportunities for this type of technology throughout all public safety organizations. In mass civil unrest situations, the ability to track our responders’ locations, know where they are, whether they are in distress, and whether they are moving will definitely help to improve their safety,” said a Director of British Columbia Ambulance.

“We have used consumer tracking and dispatch technology in the past and recognize the value – CommandWear provides a mission critical level of reliability, security and usability that is industry-leading. CommandWear just makes sense and is a very cost effective way to increase capacity and resilience,” states a Director of a major event security company.



The new smartwatch app is a companion app to CommandWear’s Communicatorsmartphone app (Release 4.1). The first release of the Responder Watch app is compatible with Android Wear 2.0 supported wearable devices. It is available for immediate download in the Google Play Store.  Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and other smartwatches can continue to be used with CommandWear’s software for basic messaging functions.


About CommandWear Systems Inc.

Founded in 2013, CommandWear Systems Inc. is an award winning wearable and mobile situational awareness software developer. The public safety technology company was one of ten start-ups selected to participate in the US Department of Homeland Security EMERGE program and a winner of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance’s Emerging Digital Solution award.


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