CommandWear Communicator is now available on iOS for anyone with iOS 8 or 9. You can access the Communicator app in the iTunes store.


CommandWear is a simple-to-use, mobile, scalable and affordable platform that integrates smartphones, wearables, tablets and networks to improve situational awareness for emergency responders who must keep their eyes, ears and hands on the job at all times.

CommandWear is designed to work with a public safety agency’s existing technology (e.g. desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones). There are three components to the platform.

  • The HUB is a highly scalable, secure web server for tracking and logging all personnel movement and communication.
  • The Commander App runs on tablets, laptops or desktops and provides commanders or responders with situational awareness in the field or operations center and a historical log ‘replay’ for debriefs or analysis.
  • The Communicator App (this app) runs on the smartphone of the First Responder.

The Communicator App provides a local view of the situation for each responder, including:

  • An intuitive and simple interface for receiving and sending messages;
  • Simple one-touch acknowledgement of messages to assure communications;
  • Emergency button function to issue a request for assistance (with source location displayed);
  • Real-time location-based information to enhance the safety of first responders;
  • Quick capture/upload picture(s)/video(s) for display on the Commander’s map for an unprecedented view of the situation from the front lines.