CommandWear Responder Watch App

NOTE: These instructions are for Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches only. If you have a Samsung Gear or Galaxy smartwatch, please contact us for installation instructions for our Samsung Tizen companion and standalone LTE-connected apps.

Install Communicator (Android Phone)

Note: if you have an existing Communicator app running on the smartphone that you will be pairing the watch with, we recommend uninstalling it before downloading the latest Communicator app.

Google Play Communicator CX4+The Watch application is a companion app included with the latest version of the CommandWear Communicator smartphone app (for Android).  You can download the latest version of the CommandWear Communicator from the Google Play Store here or by searching for “CommandWear Communicator” in the Play Store.

Note: Once Communicator is installed, launch the app but DO NOT LOG IN YET. If you are logged in to Communicator, please Sign out.

Install Android Wear and Pair Your Smartphone

You will need to download and install the Android Wear app to your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store here.  Android Wear is used to manage the connection, communication, and apps between your smartwatch and smartphone.  Note, you will need a Google account to complete the download and setup pairing of your devices.

Follow your manufacturers instructions for pairing the smartwatch. Before proceeding, make sure that your smartwatch is connected to (paired with) your Android smartphone using the Android Wear app.

watch playstore iconInstall CommandWear on your smartwatch.

Open Play Store on your watch (e.g. on Huawei Watch 2, click on the top right button to open apps menu and select Play Store).

watch apps on phone
You will see “CommandWear… (Communicator) listed. Select the download
arrow then the Install button to install the app onto your watch.

watch app downloadWhen installation is completed, be sure to put the watch on your wrist (in order to get heart rate data), select Open and accept the permissions (Allow CommandWear to access sensor data about your vital signs?).

watch app openYou will then be returned to the Open screen. Select Open again.  The CommandWear Watch app will open.

Watch App – Overview

Once installed, the Responder Watch app runs in the background every time the watch is powered on. You can choose to use any 3rd party watch face you choose as this will not affect the CommandWear app operation.
Once the watch is powered on, it takes about 10-15 seconds for the heart rate tracking to start.
To check whether the heart rate tracking is enabled (on), simply open your list of Apps on the smartwatch and choose CommandWear. A screen will appear with a heart icon and a strike through the heart icon indicates the heart rate tracking is disabled (as shown) or the heart icon will be a heart icon with white fill indicating it is enabled.
Note that the heart rate tracking can only be enabled/disabled through the Commander web app.

Watch App – Alerts

watch AlertDepending on each user’s heart rate feature configuration set by the Administrator, a visual alert will display on the watch, and a vibration, if the heart rate detected is below or above a threshold set by the Administrator. Once an Alert is activated, the Communicator app sends a message to the CommandWear server and a pop-up alert and sound is displayed in the CommandWear web app at that user’s current location.
To clear the Alert from the watch, click the ‘x’ in the Alert display. This will also clear the Alert pop-up on the Commander’s screen.
To Force Stop, Uninstall, Change App Permissions (access to heart rate sensor), or view App Info,watch settings open the apps list on the watch and select Settings – Apps – CommandWear.