Wearable technology sets sail in Vancouver

The Georgia Straight did an article on local Vancouver companies developing wearable technology, and CommandWear was one of the one’s featured.

Here is the section on CommandWear. You can read the whole article here.

Shawn Griffin, product manager for Vancouver’s CommandWear Systems, envisions every police officer and first responder wearing a smart watch or smart glasses in the future. A major Canadian police force is running a pilot …

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In the Future of Wearables, the Device Doesn’t Really Matter

Scott Valentine at Wearable Tech World  has an interesting article on the importance of data and not just the wearable device.

As Scott says, “In the middle is where the hard work happens.”  This is where the data lies, and it’s important to get and manage the data from the wearable on behalf of the user.

On the far right of the whiteboard are consumers, enterprises, healthcare providers, insurance companies, clinical researchers …

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Our 9-11 Pledge – Give Responders the Right Tools for the Job

It’s 9-11.  The CommandWear team is not only remembering those heroes that saved so many people and gave their lives for the cause but are doing our part to help responders track their team members and enhance interoperability to minimize losses.

Responders need better tools to do their job – safely.  Too often we see the results of budget cuts.  Fewer responders expected to do more with antiquated technology (can you …

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CommandWear Field Tested by BC Ambulance

The @Commandwear team had a great day at another major event: #GranFondo 2014 cycling event in Whistler.  CommandWear mobile apps were deployed to track responders and the text messaging proved invaluable when radio comms failed. #smartwatch technology also worked well. Happy to share the lessons with any public safety or security agencies.

We have written up a case study with the results of the trial at BC Ambulance. If you would …

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