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San Diego Lifeguards Turn To CommandWear to Help Track Personnel During Floods.

With all the flooding happening in San Diego, the Lifeguards were deployed inland to help with water based rescues. What they were missing was a way to quickly and easily track their teams. Fortunately the City of San Diego Fire-Rescue has been using CommandWear’s Situational Awareness Platform for major events like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and July 4th festivities. They offered their smartphones to the Lifeguards to help them …

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CommandWear in the News: Pressure-Cooker Emergency Crises Get High Tech Solution…

CommandWear is in news in a number of publications.

VANCOUVER – When Stanley Cup rioters rained chaos onto Vancouver’s downtown core in June 2011, holes were exposed in the capabilities of police trying to stop looting and arsons.

Communication between police was so bad that teams deploying tear gas accidentally dispersed crowds into streets being cleared by other squads. Radios were so faint in the din that many officers relayed messages on …

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CommandWear Selected To Pitch in Venture Capital Presentations January 19th at the #BCTECH Summit

The #BCTECH Summit is bringing together business leaders, technology solutions providers and global thought leadership to discuss the most important topics impacting business technology decisions today.

The #BCTECH Summit Venture Capital Presentations offers investors unique opportunities to explore a pre-selected portfolio of BC’s brightest tech stars. This Presentation Showcase focuses on highly qualified BC companies chosen to deliver a 15 minute investment pitch to a group of truly elite international investors looking for opportunities …

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Webinar: Out Of Vehicle Situational Awareness For Paramedics on Thursday Dec 3 at 10:00am EST.

What happens when your responders are out of their vehicles?

Does your organization know where your  paramedics are when they leave their vehicle of if they are part of a bike or marine team and need assistance? How do you get the closest available paramedic to the incident scene in the least amount of time?

Proven In Real Use

CommandWear has worked with Ottawa Paramedics on piloting a new personnel tracking and communication …

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Bringing Radio Into The Common Operating Picture: CommandWear Integrates VHF Radio GPS

The Situation

VECTOR was started in 1998 as a non-profit amateur radio organization that would provide volunteer support for operations in Vancouver, and works in concert with both the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department when needed. As an internal initiative, VECTOR decided to test out the capabilities of the CommandWear system and how well it would work with the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS), a radio communications system …

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Setting Up A 4 Pane Window With CommandWear

Several of our customers have asked us how to set up a multi-pane window on their screens.

We use an add-in for Firefox called Tile Tabs that can be found here.

Once you’ve installed Tile Tabs, you can set up a 4 panel display as we’ve shown here.

Log in to CommandWear in the first window. For the second, third and fourth windows, just point your browser to  and refresh. You …

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Emergency Medical Services Provider, RockDoc™, Puts CommandWear to the Test at the 2015 Pemberton Music Festival

From July 16-19, 2015 over 100,000 music enthusiasts flocked to the remote community of Pemberton, BC to experience 4 days of immersion in culture, music and revelry, with an additional 5 million people viewing the event through Snapchat Live.

“We were very impressed with how smoothly and easily our teams learned to use the CommandWear system. We have used consumer tracking and dispatch technology in the past and recognize …

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CommandWear Available in Apple Store

CommandWear Communicator is now available on iOS for anyone with iOS 8 or 9. You can access the Communicator app in the iTunes store.


CommandWear is a simple-to-use, mobile, scalable and affordable platform that integrates smartphones, wearables, tablets and networks to improve situational awareness for emergency responders who must keep their eyes, ears and hands on the job at all times.

CommandWear is designed to work with a public safety agency’s …

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CommandWear Runs on The Neptune Pine, a Standalone, Full Featured SmartWatch


The Advent of the Standalone SmartWatch

Before the smartwatch emerged in the real world it existed on the page as a two-way radio in the Dick Tracy comic strip. There was no jam that Dick Tracy couldn’t extricate himself from using his standalone wristwatch. The gizmo lived on in the minds of kids and some of those kids grew up to be engineers. After first appearing as a futuristic device in …

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