First Responders Love SmartWatch Notifications

CommandWear has successfully trialled its Android application paired with a Pebble smartwatch and received feedback from first responders that they loved the ability to respond to a notification or command on their wrist. Radio is often not audible in large events, and smartphones can be tucked away in a pocket. Having a vibration on the wrist alerts them that there is a notification for them.

Even more than just the notification is the ability to respond to the notification. Everything from a simple acknowledgement to a customized response lets first responders quickly and easily communicate without being bogged down.

CommandWear on Apple Watch

CommandWear and Apple WatchAs part of the upcoming release, CommandWear’s Communicator app on iOS has been upgraded to send notifications and custom responses through to Apple Watch. The user does not have to do anything on their Apple Watch, the notifications and custom responses will just appear.

When a Communicator user is sent a message, a notification and vibration will appear on the Apple Watch.

The user can select one of the custom responses and send it back without having to pull out their smartphone or get on the radio.


You can download the CommandWear Communicator app here from iTunes.