A single untracked COVID-19 diagnosis onsite could mean a total shutdown.

Halo is a wrist-worn band developed by Vancouver-based Proxxi Technology that briefly vibrates to notify wearers that another band is within 6 feet (2 meters), reminding them of the need to maintain social distance. It is deployed to all personnel at a job site or workplace to help ensure a safe physical distance is maintained.

Consistent social distancing significantly reduces the risk of COVID-19 spread, especially within work-sites.

Halo bands store only the band ID of those bands it has interacted with and the timestamps and frequency of those interactions. In the case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, this data can be analyzed internally with a simple web reporting app to trace which workers might need testing and quarantine. Optional data downloads can provide organizations with a comprehensive overview on the success of physical distancing policies.

Data being transferred to Proxxi’s back-end system is encrypted and only visible to authorized users of the web reporting tools once it arrives. Your business data is secured.

A contact tracing dashboard is used to reduce the number of additional staff who need to be away from work if a report occurs.

Help your workers protect themselves while minimizing the risk of significant disruption to your business.

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CommandWear Systems Inc. is a Proxxi Halo Certified Reseller.