We are focused on delivering real-time situational awareness and worker safety tools to those who need to keep their eyes, ears and hands on the job at all times.

“I see enormous opportunities for this type of technology throughout all public safety organizations.  In mass civil unrest situations, the ability to track  responders’ locations, know whether they are moving, and know whether they have any health issues – immediately – will definitely help to improve their safety.

It could also greatly enhance our integrated communications.  Today we try to use radios to communicate with the police, fire departments and search and rescue teams, but it’s complex and not easy to manage. This type of technology could definitely help in crossing those boundaries and allowing us to communicate securely and confidentially on site and with our dispatchers.

I’m really looking forward to the day when these types of products are integrated into the 700 MHz spectrum designated for public safety in the future.  I see CommandWear being on the cusp of that technology.”

Director, Emergency Management and Special Operations, Provincial Ambulance Authority

Our Mission

To create wearable technology driven software solutions that empower the global Public Safety, Security and Lone Worker industries to keep their personnel and communities safe.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in wearable technology solutions through enhancing the response professionals’ ability to anticipate, communicate and act “Heads Up and Hands Free”.