2015-05-15 13.25.17Welcome to your 6 Pack.

CommandWear’s 6 Pack gives you instant Situational Awareness. This short guide is to help you get your 6 Pack out of the box and running.

Here are the key help areas for CommandWear.

  1. This page is about setting up your 6 Pack.
  2. Commander help can be found here.
  3. Communicator (phone) help can be found here.



2015-05-15 12.43.25Initial Setup

Your 6 Pack should arrive with all devices charged and ready to go.

  1. You will have been given the combination to the locks along with the shipping information. Once the locks are removed, place them inside the box.
  2. Take out the 6 smartphones and lay them on a surface.
  3. Take out the 6 smartwatches and lay them beside the corresponding smartphones. All watches and phones are numbered on the back.
  4. Before we start turning on the phones, let’s log in to the Commander app so we can see the phones when they come online.



Screenshot 2014-10-17 11.32.28Login to Commander

Go to app.commandwear.com and log in using the credentials supplied to you.

You can find help for the Commander here or at the bottom of your screen after logging in.

Select Admin. Once you are in Admin, select the User/Device Status screen. It is here that the phones will first appear once they start up.


Sonim-XP7-2Turn on the Phones

  1. The power switch for the Sonim XP7 is located on the left at the top.
  2. Power on the device. If the device does not power on, connect a charger to the device.
  3. Swipe the main screen.
  4. Place a call to your own cell number to make sure the cell voice/data plan is active.




Communicator SetupScreenshot 2015-05-15 10.37.45

Your Sonim XP7 is already set up and logged in. You can see the home screen on the left.

  1. Launch the Communicator app by pressing the icon in the bottom right.
  2. Go here for help on using your Sonim and CommandWear’s Communicator.
  3. Once you have turned on all the phones, we will check to see that they have a good connection with CommandWear.








Sonim PhonesCheck the Phone Status on Commander

Earlier we logged into Commander, and selected Admin from the main menu. In admin we chose User/Device Status. This is the screen you should be in now.

On the User/Device Status display, you should see all the Sonim phones, along with all their details. If the phones do not appear here, but are all turned on, go to Troubleshooting below.


Screenshot 2015-05-19 15.35.23Turning On Your Pebble Smartwatch


  1. To set up your Pebble, first you need to turn it on. Pebble is started by pressing and holding the large button on the left, identified as “BACK” in the picture.
  2. The Pebble should start up and show the time. If the Pebble does not start up, use one of the Pebble chargers to charge the Pebble.
  3. Press the Select Button. You will see a list of applications, including Settings.
  4. Use the Down button to go down to the CommandWear app.
  5. When the CommandWear app is highlighted press “SELECT”.
  6. This will launch the CommandWear app.
  7. The CommandWear app on the Pebble will connect to the Sonim phone with the same number. On the Pebble you will see one of three screens:
    • Logged In – This shows the call sign of the user matching the call sign of the phone. Everything is good.
    • Login on Your Phone – Check the Phone to make sure you are logged in.
    • Message (Example here “Check In”) – The Pebble is connected and showing the most recent message on your phone.






  1. Pebble Not Connecting (Pebble says Connection lost).
    • If you are having problems with your Pebble, help for Pebble on Android can be found here.
  2. Phone Not Connecting (The <-> icon on the top of the messaging screen is red).
    1. If you cannot see the phone on the Commander screen.
    2. Open a different browser window and verify that you can connect to the PUBLIC internet by going to google.com.
      1. Make sure the Commander browser is connected. Go to the main menu, and select Respond. If you can’t move between the main menu and Respond, the problem lies with your laptop or tablet.
      2. Make sure the phone is connected to a network.
      1. All phones are equipped with connectivity to an LTE network.
      2. Verify that the phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings on the phone, select Wi-Fi. Make sure that it is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. If it is, turn off Wi-Fi.
      3. Go to a browser, select a website and verify that you are connected to the internet. If you can’t