CommandWear’s 6 Pack pilot program provides a fast, easy, cost effective way for organizations assess the value of smartwatches and smartphones to enhance operational efficiencies and increase employee safety.

This program is ideal for organizations interested in any or all of the following:

  • Understanding and measuring increased speed and accuracy (efficiencies) of response by tracking locations of response personnel;  Enhancing the safety of personnel through advanced tracking and alerting tools;
  • Improving communications to/from field and control or operation centres through text-based messaging that augments existing radio systems (especially in noisy environments);
  • Assessing the value of communications that leverage wearable technology (smartwatches) that allow personnel to stay connected and operate “Heads-Up, Hands-Free”; and,
  • Exploring innovative apps for company-issued or personal smartphones.

CommandWear’s 6 Pack gives organizations “Situational Awareness In A Box”, and can scale by ordering multiple 6 Packs.  The 6 Pack and 6 Pack Combo give an organization options on whether they want to have phones included. The 6 Pack is available as either a weekly or monthly rental.


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